Tigarile nocive or ba!?

RaekaCica un studiu recent a aratat ca tigarile sau tutunul nu sunt daunatoare sanatatii..ba din contra 🙂 Eu nu prea cred asta caci doar sunt fumatoare 🙂 insa mi’a placut sa citesc articolul..e ca un basm frumos!

The medical profession was shocked by the results of a study completed in January of 2009 by the World Health Organization (WHO).  The WHO had commissioned a study to examine the effects of smoking on the health of women.   It was expected that that study would prove that smoking damages health.  However, the findings of the doctors and scientists who carried out the study proved the opposite to be the case.  Simply put, the panel of doctors and research scientists found that smoking between 20 and 40 cigarettes a day had no lasting affect of the health of female smokers.

David C: In fact, doctors found that many of the women they studied over the course of the five year study actually were in better shape than their non-smoking peers.  Particularly, smokers tended to have fewer stress related health issues and lung related issues.  Finally, female smokers in the study where over 80% less likely to be significantly overweight.

This study, carried out over five years, sampled female smokers, aged 16 – 75.  Study participants were pulled from major European, Asian, and North and South American cities so that researchers could account for regional differences in tobacco production and products in their study.  By testing lung function, lung capacity, and heart rate in smokers, researchers found that smokers had no less lung capacity or no weaker lung functioning than non-smokers of similar age.  By using the newest CAT scan technology, doctors were able to prove, without a doubt, that smoking had no significant negative affect on the lungs of female smokers.

RaekaDavid C: More simple tests with spirometers and chest X-Rays also showed no significant difference in lung function or capacity.  Taken together, the evidence is conclusive: smoking between 20 – 40 cigarettes a day is not dangerous to the health of a female smoker.

Each statistical finding was new and startling.  While the complete results have been published in World Journal of Health Research, the following statistical data is particularly informative and proves that many of the past assumptions about the negative effects of smoking to be incorrect.  When doctors used a mobile CAT Scanner to examine the lungs of female smokers and non-smokers, they found no difference in the lung tissue of smokers and non-smokers.  Only women who lived close to roads and who were exposed to automobile exhaust fumes showed minor visible signs of damage.  When doctors used spirometers to measure lung volume, doctors discovered that smokers were likely to have only a .0008 percent difference in lung volume – a result that was almost immeasurable.  In a final test of l

David C: In a final test of lung function, doctors found that the lungs of smokers absorbed just as much oxygen as those of non-smokers.  The difference in blood oxygen levels after taking 10 deep breaths actually favored smokers.  In other words, the lungs of smokers absorbed 3.7 percent more oxygen than those of non-smokers.  Doctors attributed this to the fact that smokers often inhale extremely deeply while smoking, thereby opening up their lungs better to airflow when they breath deeply.  One doctor was even quoted as stating “smokers should be sure in inhale as deeply as possible while smoking to develop better lung function.”


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  1. @Karma : Vogue..calitate superioara 🙂 Observ ca exista si alte produse Djarum: cappuccino, ceai negru… iar tigarile nu sunt tari? Aduc cu cele de foi 🙂
    @Rox: Corect..dar nu in chinuri! 🙂

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